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Olá, seja bem vindo!

A woman with a camera, telling YOUR story.

Your film will be Beautiful. Timeless. And Cinematic.

But most of all.

Your film will be much more than a wedding film. It will tell your own individual story.

I am a Bafta-Award winning journalist and a BBC “Pioneer” filmmaker and storyteller.

It’s taken a long time of absorbing many influences and experimenting myself that has enabled me to develop my own unique style as a Wedding Videographer.

For me, it is essential that my style of filming in no way imitates that of other videographers nor follows fads that come and go.

And for me it isn’t about the amount of gear I use. On the contrary, for the majority of filming, I use just one camera and two lenses. No intrusive cranes, jibs or drones and I’ll make the best use of natural light throughout the day.

I have learnt to recognise key moments and discreetly capture them as they unfold, without direction; experience has taught me when to sit and wait for something special to happen.

My documentary style, short-form films are based on real life situations.

In the edit I will bring that story back to life, moment by moment.

Sobre o profissional

Hi, I’m Emma.

I feel so lucky to have found the perfect balance between a job I love and a family I adore.

My purpose is to help others bring out the best in themselves. And through that passion I have found my niche in work and happiness in life.

The love of telling stories is no accident for me, with more than twenty years experience in filmmaking and storytelling, this is what I do best and love the most.

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