Family Award Regulation

The Family Awards rewards the best wedding photos of the round.   

The awards take place five  times a year and the winners automatically compete for the Golden Lens award, the 20 most awarded photographers until the 4th round of the year, will be nominated for the Golden Lens annual prize and the 3 most awarded of the year receive the Gold Lens award. 

By submitting your collections to this Inspiration Photographers’ official competition, you agree and affirm that you have read all the rules and can not claim ignorance of any irregularity under this regulation. 


Failure to comply with any of the rules contained in this regulation implies disqualification of the entire collection and losses of nominations and awards related to this collection, and may, in case of recidivism, be deleted from the directory temporarily or even indefinitely. 

1 - Who can participate?

Only members of Inspiration Photographers, if you are not a member yet join us HERE

2 - How many can I send?

Each member has 7 FREE entries and will be allowed to send up to 40 extra images for a fee, in size 1200x800px, according to the value of U $ 4.70 each extra photo.

3 - Photos that can enter this competition?

The accepted images for participation are those of family documentary, family portraits, photos of pregnant women, birth pictures, baptism photos and everything that refers to the daily life of a family.  

Images may have been taken in any year, digital or film.

4 - Photos that CAN NOT enter this competition?

You can not enter photos from advertising campaigns. It is not allowed to send photos of the second photographer at your entrance.

They can not enter photos made in workshops, editorials  etc … 

5 - Golden Lens Award

The 20 most awarded photographers until the 4th  round of the year, will be nominated for the Golden Lens annual prize and the 3 most awarded of the year receive the Gold Lens award. 

6 - The participating images may not have been awarded in any other contest.

The participating images may not have been awarded in any other contest. Images participating in other contests are allowed as long as they have not yet been officially posted as awarded image by the time you send this form. Otherwise, if they win an Inspiration Award, the image will be removed from the site. 


7 - Can not have logo!

Images may not contain logo, names, frames or any type of decoration.


8 - Can not double exposure!

No double-exposure photos are allowed, neither in post-production nor on the camera itself.

9 - About image manipulation?

Image manipulation that changes the original direction of the image is not allowed.

It is only allowed, small interventions in the image, like small touches of cleaning, colors, conventional treatment. 

It is not allowed to use the digital feature to darken, lighten or eliminate (TOTALLY) the background or parts of the photo. Your collection may be disqualified or receive a lower grade for this.  

Você pode fazer pequenas interferências que representem menos de 5% da foto, como retirar uma mancha na parede por exemplo.  

10 - Can I submit photos that were awarded in the Best Family Session contest ?

Yes, photos that were awarded in a Best family Collection competition can also be submitted in this individual photo competition. 

11 - Original files?

It is mandatory to save the original file in high resolution, for at least one (1) year after the submission for this contest, for possible analysis of originality.

12 - Forensic analysis?

In cases of dubious photos, the original files will be requested and will undergo a thorough FORENSIC analysis of the pixels, edges, textures, surfaces, colors, tones, and metadata.

13 - Who selects the winning collections and what criteria?

The curatorship, selection and choice will be made by a jury of 3 photographers invited to each round plus the Inspiration Photographers team.

Each photo will then have 4 notes and the lowest note will be eliminated, leaving the 3 highest notes where the average and final note of the photo will come out.

If the average note is not a whole number it can be rounded up or down.

The grades go from 5 to 10 points having objective discrimination as described below:

(5) Regular

(6) Good

(7) Very Good

(8) Excellent (Honorable mention)

(9) Exceptional (awarded)

(10) Masterpiece (awarded)

The judges analyze and select according to their own look and technical experience, evaluating the look, sensitivity, creativity, photographic language, technique, history, originality and style of each photographer. 

14 - Terms of use for the author

As the author of the uploaded images, you agree and allow all uploaded images to be posted on the website inspirationphotographers.com, directory facebook, other media, and also in releases made by Inspiration Photographers, at any time.

As author and photographer, you agree and assume full responsibility for the content of the images uploaded here, releasing Inspiration Photographers from any third party claim.

You, the author and photographer, declare that you have permission from any persons who are on the images sent to have your images published and if any person who is in images sent by you requests that their images be removed from our site, awards loses validity. 

15 - What are the objectives of the award?

The objective of this award, organized and conducted by Inspiration Photographers, is to promote and value family photography and its authors at the highest international level.