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As an international association and online platform, we help professionals be discovered by potential new clients by increasing their visibility. Whether for being part of a respected international directory, or entering our Awards for recognition and prestige.

By the last six years, we have reached over 50 countries, getting attention of thousands of beloved couples around the world who were searching for the right photographers and filmmakers for their Wedding or Family photoshoots.

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Authority & Relevance

Just to be known is not enough. You must be relevant and have authority to stand out on your market and reach the place you want on your career.

International Network

Gathering professionals from over 50 countries, our annual events provides meaningful connections & experiences to the best professionals in the world.

Growth & Progress

By entering Awards, you put your work to be tested and reviewed by great international guest judges, helping you improve your point of view.

Worldwide Visibility

Be in touch with thousands of couples who are searching for the right photographers and filmmakers for their Wedding or Family photoshoots.

🇸🇮 Samo Rovan

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🇬🇧 David Pullum

Wedding Photographer

🇺🇾 Mika Alvarez

Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographer

🇵🇪 Jamil Valle

Wedding Photographer

New Member Profile

The new Inspiration Member Profile, a innovative and modern display, have more features now.

A Request Budged button that allows the member receives clients requests right away, and an improved page SEO privides the profile a higher Google ranking on its location, improving the member discovery,

and more.

Inspiration Awards

Each year, our members compete for

4 Inspiration Awards and 2 Best Collection Awards.

By the end of the year, the top ranked on contests are nominated to run for the annual Golden Lens Awards, the “Oscar” of photography and films worldwide, honoring the best professionals of the year at Inspiration Photographers.


Inside Inspiration platform, the members have access to dozens of video lessons and exclusive talks, helping them to improve knowledge and share new insights.

LifeShare by Inspitation

LifeShare: A Story behind a Name, is an event hosted by Inspiration Photographers where great professionals in the market tell their inspiring storys on stage and how they reach their success in their lives. The talks are turned into videos and now is available to members watch to get inspired.

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