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How was the 2018 Conference?

The Inspitation Conference has a super team of great international professionals, sharing their best career experiences in one-hour talks during the three-day event. 

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How was the 2018 Master Class?

For 2 hours the lecturers are divided into groups for a class of masters with a team of lecturers. Where they can go deeper on the themes of the presented lectures, taking their main doubts and taking advantage of the knowledge to the maximum. 

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How was the Party 2018?

The night is going to be loga, with lots of partying and beer all to the sound of a professional DJ and you do not have to worry about the next day as the talks will start later. 

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How was the 2018 Workshops?

A full day of workshops for a limited group of professionals where content is deep and focused. Where the teacher can be side by side with the student in the questions he wishes to clarify. 

Special production film SAME DAY CINEMA gathering speakers and congress participants during the Conference by Bruno Pitcho. 


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Monday- Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

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AVEIRO CONVENTION CENTER Street 3810 – 164 Aveiro, Portugal. Car, Train or Plane For those coming by car from the (North), take the A29 or A1 and then after the connection with the A25 to Aveiro. For those coming by car from (South), take the A17 or the A1 and then the link A25 to Aveiro. Approximate distances and estimated time of trip: from the port: 46 miles (48 min) from Coimbra: 39 miles (50 min) from Lisbon: 158 miles (2h33m) International Airport of Porto (Oporto)-more near Aveiro: after arrival at the airport, you can rent a car or use the metro to get to the Campanhã station, where you can catch a train to Aveiro (depending on the train, between 32 and 58 min). We are always here to help. Contact us. For any additional information about the Inspiration Conference, use the email


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