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Inspiration have these (3) three member categories:

Wedding Photographers

Family Photographers


Yes. You can become member of any categories you want. One, two or three. The category you’re member let you submit to this category’s related Awards. If you are a member to a category and want to change categories or add another, you can talk to us by mailing to


  • INSPIRATION AWARDS, four editions per year to award single images of weddings, pre weddings and after weddings; See rules.
  • BEST WEDDING AWARDS, three editions per year to award the best wedding stories told by 20 images, valuing work wholeness; See rules.


  • INSPIRATION FAMILY AWARDS, four editions per year to award single images of families; See rules.
  • BEST FAMILY AWARDS, three editions per year to award the best family stories told by 20 images, valuing work wholeness; See rules.


  • INSPIRATION AWARDS FILMS, four editions per year to award wedding films, couple films and family films; See rules.

The Inspiration Awards Judges are guest photographers and filmmakers from all over the world.

Experienced and internationally recognized professionals who are glad of spending their time to evaluate the best photography and films to be awarded by Inspiration Awards.

Inspiration Awards evaluate single images and single videos of wedding & family photographers and filmmakers. Each judge receives the contest’s entries to select the ones worth of being Inspiration-awarded by its judgment.

But to receive the Inspiration Awards stamp, the entry (photo or video) must be selected by at least 2 of the 3 judges.

The Inspiration Awards for Family single images , Best Wedding Awards and Best Family Awards for best works wholeness are judge by Inspiration Photographers team.

Golden Lens is Inspiration’s annual awards ceremony. The year finale where are elected the best professionals of the year by Inspiration Photographers.

Golden Lens Awards has become known around the world as the Oscar for photography and films.

The Golden Lens award is exclusive for Inspiration Photographers members and each member competes a long the year by its related category according to the rules; See rules.

Are nominated to compete for Golden Lens Awards on its related categories the top ranked professionals until the 3rd Inspiration Awards edition of the year, according to the annual ranking + best collection.  See rules.

After being nominated to Golden Lens by your own merit, the Inspiration Photographers Members are responsible to elect who receives the Golden Lens by direct voting. Each brazilian or international member receives a form a month before the annual event to vote for the ones worth to win the Golden lens of its related category..

The most voted on each category receives the grand Golden Lens Award.

The results are revealed live at the stage of the annual awards ceremony & party. See more.

The awards ceremony & party happens annualy on November, at Balneario Camboriu, Brazil.

The tickets are open for all publics and anyone who loves photography and films can attend.

Every year, the event brings the world’s great names of photography and film. Also, it brings Brazilian’s and international’s biggest Conference Organizers, wedding vendors and digital influencers.

You can book your ticket at

The Inspiration Photographers ranking lists annually the most awarded professionals of the year right on the top of searching list by city, state or country to provide them more visibility.

Every new year the annual rankings resests and the members start from scratch the annual points to run for Golden Lens.

But don’t worry because all of your Inspiration’s collected conquers still shows into your profile page and Inspiration main ranking.

Besides the fact that each category has its own rules, Inspiration Awards has two main rules which are Inspiration exclusive, differentiating itself from other directories:

  1. NOT ALLOWED TO SUBMIT PHOTOGRAPHS OR FILMS THAT HAVE BEEN ALREADY AWARDED BY ANY OTHER CONTEST. (This is based on the date we open the contests to receive entries. Will be desqualify the entries already awarded before submission to Inspiration’s contests. The entry it’s only valid if it gets awarded by other contest after the submission to ours, because in the submission moment to Inspiration Awards, it hasn’t been awarded yet.)
  2. EVERY AWARD-WINNING PHOTOGRAPH, FILMS OR PHOTO COLLECTIONS BY INSPIRATION AWARDS COUNTS TO GOLDEN LENS NOMINATION. (Which means that the more winning awards over the year, higher are the chances to be nominated to compete for Golden Lens by the related category.)

Our wedding & family blog it’s open to members, so If you’re a member you can submit, at any moment, photos and films to be featured on Inspiration Blog and also have you’re story told on our interview blog section.

It helps a lot the members to improve their visibility and google positioning ranking. Also reensure the professional authority among clientes and colleagues.



TO BE INTERVIEWED: EnglishPortuguês Español

Inspiration’s Instagram was created to be an inspiring collection for couples and the photography and films lovers inspire themselves. Because of it, we only feature award-winning photographs and films by Inspiration Awards.

We publish beautiful photos and films daily, but if you have a winning entry that never got public, request us through our email:

As you become an Inspiration Photographers Member, you’ll start receiving our emails with updates and News. If you’re a member and ain’t receiving our emails, please contact us.

Also, follow us on our facebook page,  instagram and twitter, where you can be even more connected to us.

In 2018, Inspiration Photographers has iniciated a new challenge taking its first Internacional Conference to Europe: Inspiration Conference Portugal.

To be part of our conferences as a Speaker, you’ll need to be well positioned on our annual ranking and earn the authority and notority. Inspiration Awards is the key for your goals.

There is more: you not only can speak on Inspiration Conference’s stage, but also on our partners’ international events.

Do not worry about it because we’re always keeping track of our members conquers and we will be very happy to reveal you as Speaker to the world, as we’ve done to many of nowadays’ great names.

Para participar como um palestrante é preciso se posicionar bem em nosso ranking anual e ganhar autoridade e notoriedade, as premiações do Inspiration são um ótimo caminho para este objetivo.

Não só para ser um palestrante do Inspiration mas também em nossos eventos parceiros.

Não se preocupe nós estamos de olho em sua evolução e teremos um grande prazer em revelar seu potencial como palestrante ao mundo, como já fizemos com grandes nomes da atualidade.

Yes! Once a friend of yours, after our analysis, become a member because of your recommendation, you’ll earn the maximum entry option for photos or films on a Inspiration Awards edition for free.

Tips to Get Well on Inspiration!

1st TIP

Note in your agenda the deadlines for submitting your best photos or videos to the Inspiration awards. Don't stay out of any round, because at the end of each year the most winners and highlights are indicated at the International Gold Lens, and you can be left out of this list of indication for only an award-winning photo, stay tuned.

2nd tip

Create a unique folder for you to keep your best photos and or videos and add shortly after each event held, already edited and at the correct size for sending to the Inspiration Awards. So you always have to hand your best photos and videos ready to be sent to each new edition.

3rd tip

Give priority to your participation at Inspiration Photographers on the other directory, our regulation is the only one who does not accept photos already awarded in other contests, so send first to Inspiration and only after the other contests.

4th tip

Disclose your actions at Inspiration, your customers need to know that is part of a select group of international professionals, when have awards or special participation as in our blog with interview, live, sending events for publication and in our social networks, take every action to your favor, leverage it and make the public realize your value.

5th tip

Enjoy our showcase by sending photos and or videos of your events to be published on our blog and social networks, schedule a live with us to talk about your career and experiences, ask for these appearances with the team.

6th tip

If you are able to get awards in the editions of the Inspiration Awards, keep your concentration and make a even better job that can take you quickly to the top.

7th tip

If you aren't able to get awards at the Inspiration Awards, get help with more experienced colleagues and already awarded, try looking at your images impartially and criticizes to fetch as well where you can improve, this exercise can bring you a great personal growth, try to dedicate more selection of your best photos, seek to understand how to read an image, because it is precisely in this way that juries tend to select your Inspiration collection.

8th tip

Be persistent in finding your way within the Inspiration, the opportunities are equal for all, but also depends on the personal commitment of each one, but we have great examples of persistence that led many to success.

Important reasons to become Inspiration


In Inspiration you will definitely increase your potential for new customers and projection of your name, simply by being a part of this prestigious international directory or through the awards of the highest level that we’ve accomplished during the year.

Today we are already in more than40 countries and thousands of couples in love visiting the Inspiration every day in search of a photographer and videomaker for your wedding or a family photoshoot.


No other means of online disclosure will cost so little and provide a scope and results so great, the cost benefit at Inspiration is really the best deal for your career.


Be part of Inspiration is definitely the shortest route to become a lecturer of worldwide success, the professionals who stand out at Inspiration Awards and Golden Lens are quickly invited to share you success in the biggest events for photographers and videographers in the world, already disclose hundreds of photographers and videographers in various parts of the world by opening the doors to a new niche as teachers.


It is not enough to be known it must be relevant and have authority in your labor market to sant out and occupy the space that you want. And be a member Inspiration in not easy, only 10% of the applications for membership are accepted by our strict criteria and you as a member enjoy this authority and relevance to be among the best in the world.


We are a unique directory for photographers and videographers of marriage and family, this shows the client your specialty, strengthening your value and impact on niche that you works with.


at Inspiration you will meet and exchange experiences with the best professionals in the world, we’re in more than 40 Participating in the Inspiration Awards is on of the largest and most respected awards in the world in beyond a great opportunity unity, as is also the best way to professional growth, you put your work to the test reviewed by major international masters and this helps you to improve and grow in knowledge and analysis of your own work.


The Inspiration takes you to a whole new level extremely high, sitting next to big names in the world won’t let you get back and compete with the best in the world to overcome your own limits boosts. 


If there’s something that we are proud to provide through the Inspiration is the union of our class, here at Inspiration you can be sure that you will make great friends for life and become part of a large family of passionate people who love this profession as well as you.


The Inspiration has several tools for you come out ahead in this competitive market. As a member you can participate in our annual awards as the Inspiration Awards Photography; Wedding movies; The Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers; The Inspiration Family for families photographers.


There is also the Inspiration Wedding our blog that reaches engaged, professionals and those who are passionate about photography; That is entirely at your disposal for you to participate by submitting your work, participating in interviews, sending tips and much more.


And the Lens of Gold the ‘Oscar of Global Photography and Videography’ you automatically participates every year in the running for a nomination for the Golden Lens being able to take home which is the highest awards in the world and still enjoy the prestige of increasing an international career.


Our social networks are advancing more and more sensational engagement on Facebook and Instagram and you as a member have every access to promote your brand and create a large international network.

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