How do analysis requests in Photo and Video Review work?

Everything works simply and quickly, directly within the administrative profile with just one click.  


How do I get free analysis?

For the individual photo contest:

By sending 14 photos you get 1 free review.

By sending 29 photos you get 2 free reviews.

By sending 43 photos you get 3 free reviews.

For the photo collection contest:


By sending 3 collection you get 1 free review.


By sending 6 collections you get 2 free reviews. 


By sending 9 collections you get 3 free reviews.   

For the film contest: 


Sending 3 movies you get 1 free review.

By submitting 6 movies you get 2 free reviews.

Submitting 9 movies you get 3 free reviews.   

How long does it take to apply for free analysis?

The free analysis achievements are not cumulative and you should make the request for free analysis each round within 7 days of publication of the result.

After this period you can still make an analysis request for a fee. 

How do the paid tests work?

Paid analysis requests can be made at any time and you can request in any current or previous contest.
The values vary according to the category and you can see them by clicking on the icons indicated above.   

What is the deadline for receiving a reply with the requested analysis?

Initially we are asking for a period of 7 days to send the analysis, but this period may be longer depending on the quantity of orders in each round.

Who will be the professionals who will do the photo and video analysis?

Our team is being formed according to the needs that we will check during the progress of this new tool.

For now we have the following professionals working on Photo and Video Review, Frankie Costa, Roberta Tavares, Erik Marreiro.  

How does contesting an award result work?

You can contest only one result per round by paying a contest fee which you can see by clicking the contest icon.
To contest you will need to submit a defense of your photo or video in writing, showing your vision and your arguments.
Our team will meet to review the request for a challenge based on the jury’s final score and if you accept the author’s arguments you may even change the score.
The request for defense will still be answered along with a complete analysis of the photo or video.