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We love a great adventure, a night out or in with friends, good food & great company, or simply chilling by the beach.
We spend too much time online but think that real life rocks. And trust us, it really does.
There is a place and time for both insanely cool imagery and intimate raw moments as all that matters is capturing the essence of your subject in the best light possible (figuratively and literally).
Authenticity and adventure are the core of our values and our work… We enjoy the process of creating you just as much as the result, we take you on an adventure and the experience we craft with you goes beyond just one single moment. It’s a real journey.

Sobre o profissional

Steph is from France, Robin is from New Zealand. We love each other, work together and have travelled the world to photograph and film people in love, but also those crazy about their work, following their passion, or simply living life. And we know for sure that there are many stories worth being told.