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Telefone: +353894236718


Olá, seja bem vindo!

Hello, I am Camila, nice to meet you 🙂
I am a photographer from Brazil based in Dublin, Ireland.

Sobre o profissional

I believe photography has the power of making us travel in time, sometimes I look at old photos and for a split second they take me back to my big day or even just one little everyday moment that I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for that photograph.

After all, life is about all the little moments we share with the ones we love. With my photography I want to capture some of these moments and tell great stories, so you can look back at them in a few years from now and simply remember you had an amazing time. 💚

Are you in love, planning a romantic proposal, your big day, expecting a baby, celebrating an important day or just a little moment? I would love to tell your love story!

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