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Giulianne Martins – Inspiration Family




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Telefone: +19147706258


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Hey, nice to know that you want to know more about me! Everyone calls me Giu and photographing was always my passion, but it intensified when I was 14 and I got my first semi-professional camera.

Since I won that camera I started to photograph informally: friends, family, friends of friends, people who always saw some of my PHOTOGRAPHY out there and asked me if I also would like to photograph events, photoshoots and everything else.

Seeing the interest in my work, I started to feel more confident, to study more and to become more professional, to take courses, workshops and everything that I could do to get better and better in the photographic universe!

I have already started some courses, such as philosophy, history and pedagogy, I ended up not concluding any, but today I see that they were very important to me, cause they helped me to shape my view about the world and people and to deal with adults and children more spontaneously, for knowing more about them!

Sobre o profissional

My PASSION is preserve unique moments and to know that they will always be there, not only in memory, they will still be there materially and in the way that I’ve saw them!

All the books I’ve read, places and people that I meet, textures and feelings I’ve felt, songs I’ve heard and everything I loved and love reflect in my eyes when I photograph and it’s a great pleasure to be able to tell stories and strip souls through my lens! To perpetuate what may be not saw before, to me, is a super power!

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