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Total Awards: 6 Awards

Telefone: +1 (917) 763-7192


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Founded in 2006, Gulnara Studio specializes in multicultural and destination weddings and is based in New York City. As destination wedding photographers we photographed weddings in Puerto Rico, Mexico, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, California, Texas, Vermont, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut. Our style is modern and timeless, alluring and mysterious, always desired and never forgotten.

Multiple Awards from Fearless Photographers , WPJA, ISPWP
“Badass Wedding Photographer” award in the first Foundation/Fearless Conference
Top 10 wedding photographers in New York by “the Knot Magazine”
Foundation Workshop mentor
Speaker at Foundation/Fearless Conference
Speaker and Mentor at Boda F Mexico, Queretaro, Mexico
Speaker at Total Soul, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Given Workshops and Master classes in Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Netherlands
Judged numerous competitions

First Prize in the World Press Photo Competition
First Prize in the New York Press Club Journalism Awards
President’s Award in the Associated Press Managing Editors Photo Competition
First Place in the Association for Women in Communications Clarion Award
Second, Third and Honorable Mention in the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar Completion
Photographer of the Year in Interfoto, Russia Press Photo Competition

“You’re an excellent street photographer. You understand how to shoot around a moment and wait for the right elements to come together.” – Mary Ellen Mark.

Sobre o profissional

Gulnara is also a former Associated Press photojournalist, a fine art and street photographer based in New York City. She loves to photograph people in their environment and can patiently wait for the moment to unfold. Her resulting photographs feel human, real and effortless.
She received national and international awards for her iconic photographs from 9/11, including first prize in the most prestigious World Press Photo competition.

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