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Paulo A. Matos Films




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Telefone: 00351 919 254 222


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Paulo André Matos
A short introduction of myself as a wedding film maker
My name is Paulo André Matos and I’m a wedding film director and head of a young, remarkably creative and professional video team that I’m proud of.
Our team is composed of film school graduates that work full time in the industry, with over 20 years experience in Portugal and abroad.
Coming from a classical background, having attended the National Music Conservatory for 5 years, my “filming career” started when I was 16 years old
making small experimental films with my dad’s super 8mm film camera, filming friends and family and putting together small “artistic” pieces, taking the camera literally everywhere.

No interesting family story would remain untold!

After high school and having just finished literature and arts course, I’ve decided to pursue a film production career and for that I moved from Faro, my home town,
to Lisbon to attend ETIC, Cenjor and Restart professional film schools for a duration of 6 years.

During this period I’ve started to produce content for tv and advertisement, working as a freelancer with 2 national tv channels, RTP and SIC and doing occasional work for the BBC (England).

I filmed and produced my first wedding film during this time, it intrigued me and left me wanting for more as I discovered a strong interest in it.

More weddings would follow…

Sobre o profissional

Why, you might ask?

It’s a gift to be able to tell meaningful stories because they have the power to enrich our lives, to make us feel, to move us, to make us grow… capturing the moments and emotions that make your day truly yours.

A look, a smile, a touch, movement, light, dance, indescribable feelings… in that day the universe opens to you.

And every time I’m part of it… I feel blessed!

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