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Unmei (運命) means “fate; destiny; fortune.”(JAP)

Unmei makes unique cinematic short films .
\u2028We search to give every client an extraordinary product – unique, timeless and moving .
\u2028In Unmei we are closely familiar with cultures and speak 8 different languages, we are ready to go everywhere to meet our own Unmei.
\u2028Unmei Films – Manifest\u2028\u2028
We see the short film as a unique platform for real wedding cinema.

we believe in creating a profound and unique image of love an image of hope and there for we work in service of that image. we do not create our films based on a simple chronological chain of events as it took place on the actual day of the wedding .

We are convinced that dreams, inspirations, struggles, care, philosophies, experience, aspirations, disciplines… all that create who we really are.
We are all different, we all have our own story and our own UNMEI (destiny ancient Japanese) .\u2028 we create our UNMEI by making choices.
\u2028UNMEI films goal is to inspire and re-inspire people to be the higher version of themselves\u2028 to consciously create their own destiny
Our films are made with love,dedication and the highest skills ,they are made to be timeless, they are made to over-last the trend, just as love will over-last when all else fades…

Sobre o profissional

I am a passionate filmmaker, with practical experience in almost all aspects of the production. I have both artistic and aesthetic inclination, as well as practical producer skills.
I belive in wedding cinema and thats why i started makeing poetic, cinematic wedding cinema a few years ago.
I always give all of me for each wedding film with full heart.
Thats why very film means the world to me, its a unique work of Art with no compromise.

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