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lanny mann

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Hi guys! We are Erika and Lanny. We’re so happy you found us!

Our goal is bold and simple; we want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that will blow your mind. We believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be safe and boring. We don’t want to just give you photos, we want to give you works of art that transcend wedding photography, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare. And we work our butts off, pouring our hearts and souls into each and every wedding that we shoot, to do so!

Sobre o profissional

Our adventures in wedding photography actually began on a mountain summit during our very first date. That’s when we discovered our mutual passion for adventure and each other. That’s where our fascination with light and love was born. And that’s when we started dreaming up new and exciting ways to see the world (and tell our stories) through our cameras. That fascination led us through some of the most spectacular places on earth, where we learned and honed our skills documenting light and adventure. This background is paramount to the wedding photography team that we’ve become. It’s shaped our entire approach and philosophy, which is rooted in photojournalism, storytelling, and natural beauty.

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